Dear Cannabis Fan, Industry Professional, and Would Be Entrepreneurs, 


I started my journey in the cannabis industry in 2015. Having witnessed the economic boom that was smoldering in this industry and all of obstacles to getting started, I could tell that it would be a hard industry to crack. While I was correct, I was able to identify and engage with solid companies that wanted to help me get started. That is what the CBC directory is all about. Getting started in or expanding your reach in the legal cannabis industry.


Here is what I did so that you don’t have to: 


Attended 250+ hours of classroom instruction on:

  • Getting licensed to grow cannabis

  • How to build a grow facility

  • Processing and securing cannabis, shipping, tracking etc.

  • Extraction techniques and what to look for when buying


I also paid over $1,500  (each year) to attend and immerse myself in cannabis business shows. At these shows I attended educational presentations, met with existing cannabis industry professionals, and explored every aspect of the cannabis industry and created quite a rolodex! 


During my journey I got an opportunity to work a trade show dedicated to the medical benefits of cannabis. Having spent 3 full days immersed among industry professionals, I got a real sense of what they are looking for and what they need to succeed. The CBC directory is packed with existing cannabis industry professionals from all aspects of the industry.


Over the past 5 years I got to spend time with great professionals from:

  • Licensing consultants (to help you get your grow or dispensary licenses) 

  • Grow Facilities. People who run large and successful cannabis farms! 

  • Testing Facilities. Good people who are helping to keep cannabis safe and therefore legal! 

  • Extraction companies. Industry pros who can cleanly extract the good stuff from cannabis! 

  • Security Personal. Often never considered, but deeply needed and required by law! 

  • Edibles Makers. And no, they don’t give free samples at events! 

  • Packaging and marketing people with a single focus on the cannabis industry

  • Online and in-person education forum providers. They had the knowledge I needed to make informed decisions. 

  • Industry lenders and Investment Professionals

  • Really too many professionals to list, but they are all listed in the CBC directory and ready to help you enter or expand your reach! 


With over 5 years of intensive meetings, conferences, webinars, white papers, and events, we have carefully compiled and created that CBC directory to allow you to “get there” quicker and with more success. 


We hope that you join us and take advantage of all the content available to you! You’ll be happy that you did! 


Thanks for reading and joining!