Business Meeting

The CBC was designed to connect you and other business professionals who want to succeed in all areas of the cannabis industry.



Connecting and communicating with suppliers, vendors, manufactures and educators who are already serving the industry. You’ll have resources well beyond what a simple Google search could ever provide. 


Ongoing industry updates that will impact your business!


Local meet ups, seminars, and networking opportunities. You’ll connect with local like-minded business people who are committed to their success—and yours! 


CBC logo usage to let the industry know that you’re committed to being a true cannabis professional! 


Educational forums designed to help you make better decisions, gain industry recognition and be more successful. 

The common theme throughout our membership is business and fully leveraging the explosive growth that the current relaxed legal environment has created.

Free legal advice from legal professionals who specialize in the cannabis industry. This free consultation alone can be an invaluable resource for your new business. 


Joining the CBC provides you with instant access to members who can help you achieve more success in less time while avoiding the usual missteps that most new businesses experience. 

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